Jala Capital is an investment holding company started in 2005, with a vision to build value in the investee companies, by providing capital resources, support and highly skilled and talented management teams.

Jala Capital has the following business strategy:

To acquire significant stakes in companies which fall within specific sectors of the economy.
To acquire companies where we can deploy our combined business skills to grow the business.
To acquire companies that have significant growth potential where we can utilize the above skills to lift the growth projectile of the company.
To introduce black operating skills into target companies as co-investor with Jala Capital.
Jala Capital operates in the spheres of mergers and acquisitions and financing and assisting enterprises by applying its financial engineering and strategic insight expertise to such enterprises.
Founders develop Jala business concept.
Business Plan finalised.
Strategic equity partner discussions commenced with various partners.
Investec selected as preferred Jala equity partner.
Deal structure and negotiations with Investec commenced.
Jala capitalised and operationalised.
Jala Capital

Jala Capital takes its name from the Sesotho word "Jala", meaning to plant, nurture and grow. Our logo being the revolving sun which symbolizes resilience, strength and power in the subtlety of the sun.

It is an appropriate metaphor for a company at the forefront of South Africa's economic evolution. Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is central to the success of companies seeking to do business in South Africa.

Jala Capital Values
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